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Screen Funding - Slate Development Fund

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Deadline: 15 May 2017 at 17:00

With our Screen Funding, we want to strike the right balance between projects that have a strong cultural impact and those that have strong economic potential. We will prioritise funding for the development and production of projects from Scottish-based filmmakers, as well as those projects that reflect or promote Scottish culture, creativity and diversity.

We will also prioritise projects which offer significant opportunities to people currently under-represented in the sector. Additionally we will fund the production of projects in Scotland from international filmmakers that promote Scotland and Scottish-based talent and crews, locations and tourism, as well as benefitting the Scottish economy.

Slate Development Funding

Part of our main Screen Fund, the aim of this funding strand is to support production companies based in Scotland to develop a range of projects across all genres that reflect Scotland’s culture, creativity and diversity.

We will provide funding for the development of a slate of live-action and animated feature films, feature documentaries, animated and live-action drama television series. In exceptional circumstances we will consider funding other genres of television series, where there is a demonstrable and significant strategic and/or economic benefit to Scotland.

We will prioritise the funding of slates of projects from Scotland-based production companies of significant scale that can deliver high-quality productions and have the vision and skills to increase the capacity and output of their businesses.

Priority will also be given to applicants that can provide evidence of significant market interest in projects (by way of committed co-funding and/or expressions of interest from other private or public funders or sales and distribution companies) and also to applicants who have experienced Scottish talent attached to their projects. This includes a diversity of writing and directing talent.

Please note there is 1 deadline for this fund this year - 15th May, 2017.

Location: All Scotland

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The deadline is Monday 15 May 2017 at 17:00.

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