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Photographers wanted

The HOLD ME DEAR Project

Deadline: 11 September 2017 at 16:00

The HOLD ME DEAR project is a documentary photography project about the unique places we each, as individuals, hold dear.

The HOLD ME DEAR project is a primarily online, curated gallery collection of beautiful photographs and individual personal stories and memories about places that are special to someone. This collection of unique documentary photography and quotes can be added to by any individual around the world. The HOLD ME DEAR project acts as a platform to share the stories behind why specific places mean so much to different individuals.

In addition to the online gallery, the HOLD ME DEAR project translates exceptionally well to physical galleries or informal exhibitions where the opportunity arises. There have already been two such exhibitions in Melbourne, Australia, and two in Edinburgh, Scotland, in partnership with different organisations, and showcased in various outdoor and cultural event spaces.


We are looking for photographers to contribute their photographs of treasured places to the project. For more details please see the HOLD ME DEAR website: or email: to have your photograph and story featured in the online gallery and future exhibitions. This is an ongoing project with any photographs/stories sent in generally added to the website within 24 hours. Please note the photograph should be a place that is personally significant to you, and include 50 words about the story behind why you treasure that place.

Find out more about the HOLD ME DEAR project or submit your photograph:
The Hold Me Dear project is managed by HERE+NOW - an Edinburgh-based landscape architecture and co-design studio aiming to make places better for people.

Location: All Scotland ,England, Wales, Northern Ireland, International

For further information, please contact (Jenny Elliott), or visit

The deadline is Monday 11 September 2017 at 16:00.

Audience Development / Design / Digital Technology and Games / Visual Arts / Young People (aged 0 to 25) / Cultural Tourism / Participatory Practice