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NPA - Music Performing (Free Short Course)

Academy of Music and Sound

Deadline: 04 June 2017 at 12:00

Dates - Starting Sunday 4th June for 8 weeks


The NPA Music Performing is an SQA short course at SCQF Level 6. The course covers instrumental or vocal technique, how to rehearse effectively, skills for performing in front of an audience and a practical creative project which will help you promote yourself as an artist.

You will have regular instrumental or vocal lessons from one of our specialist instrument tutors. You will rehearse solo, as a duo or as part of a band with other students in supervised rehearsals and workshops to prepare a 20 minute set for a gig. In the Creative Project you will receive mentoring from one of our teachers (who are all working professional musicians), and can choose either to create an online portfolio to promote yourself as an artist or to record music which could be used as part of a commercial marketing campaign for a selected product.


In the instrumental or vocal lessons, you will study techniques and exercises agreed between yourself and the tutor which will extend your technical skills and help develop the expressiveness of your performance. You will also learn about techniques for effective solo practice.

In your rehearsals and performance workshops, you will be able to choose whether to perform solo, as a duo or as part of a band, in order to prepare a 20 minute set for a gig. Your tutor will attend some of your rehearsals and support you in arranging the musical material and organising the rehearsal effectively. You will also perform in front of your peers and get feedback on your set as it develops. The gig will take place at the end of the course and be open to the public.

In the Creative Project you can focus either on creating an online portfolio/website to promote yourself as an artist, or on recording music which could be used as part of a marketing campaign for a selected product. You will have access to the full resources of the AMS centre including our technical staff, but this is not a taught unit. The project will be completely led by you, and you will need to do research to gain any knowledge required. However, your instrument tutor will mentor you through the project, and give you regular feedback based on their professional experience.

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The deadline is Sunday 04 June 2017 at 12:00.

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