Make Your Own Human - Workshop

Dundee Ceramics Workshop (Tin Roof)

Deadline: 24 June 2017 at 12:00

Make Your Own Human
Saturday 24th June, 12pm - 3pm, £10 (free for DCW Members)

Ever disappointed by your own real life friends and lovers? Make a ceramic one instead who will sit beautifully on your mantelpiece and never talk back. Learn about figure moulding and sculpting in this workshop with artist Sally Hackett, exploring her playful process of working with the human body.

Working on a broad range of projects from Glasgow shrine’s to Hieronymous Bosch recreations, Sally Hackett is a visual artist creating works that interrogate the habitual behavior of our modern society. Through sculpture, drawing and installation themes around hierarchies, iconography and the human condition are explored. With a belief in art as the people’s common ground, Sally explores participatory projects within a socially engaged practice within communities and her own studio. By highlighting the curious and absurd in everyday life, the artworks challenge common beliefs, from historical masterpieces to reality TV, always retaining an element of humour.

Sally will be hosting a follow up workshop 'Make Your Own Human' on 24th June - more details can be found at
DCW Members - this event is free to attend for all DCW Members
Non-Members - £5.00 for talk, £10.00 for workshop

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Location: Dundee City

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The deadline is Saturday 24 June 2017 at 12:00.

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