Acting Out Drama School

Deadline: 30 May 2017 at 12:00


This part-time, distant learning Acting Course is a Diploma which lasts only One Year.

During this year you will cover the main skills of Acting and Performing, learning and practicing theories from mainly Stanislavski and Michael Chekhov. You will also explore the works of Sanford Meisner, David Mamet, Uta Hagen and many more. You will delve deeply into characterisation, relationships, actions and narrative. You will have at least six full day lessons in acting and audition preperation throughout the year. Practical lectures and advice in the acting business are also included so you are kept up-to-date with current industry requirements and practice. As Acting Out Drama School is connected to new writers and directors, you will also get the chance to work with some highly successful and award winning artists. On leaving the course you should be eligible for SpotLight Membership and Equity Membership.

To summarise, as well as the excellent training you would expect from an accredited Trinity College London and Acting Out Drama School Centre you will also receive:

-An ATCL Performing Qualification in Speech & Drama (a Foundation Degree in England, equivalent to an SQA HND)
-Expert Training from professional performers and teachers.
-Work with Award Winning and Successful Professionals
-Professional CV
-Excellent Facilities in the centre of town
-An NUS Student Card
-Opportunities for Professional Head-shots
-Opportunities for Spotlight Membership
-Opportunities for Equity Membership


During your residential days, your lessons will take place in the heart of Edinburgh at the Augustine Centre, George IV Bridge (opposite the cafe where J.K.Rowling wrote Harry Potter)! Near to shops, cafes, train stations and buses it’s a great place to study.

The facilities are excellent with a large hall space, a newly refurbished theatre and smaller classrooms too.

You are also expected to do around 2-4 hours private study a week, preparing you for each session and a follow up assignment after each session. You must pass your assignments and exam to complete the course.

Your exam will be practical through Trinity College London (held in Edinburgh).

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Location: Edinburgh City

For further information, please contact (, or call 07704714607, or visit

The deadline is Tuesday 30 May 2017 at 12:00.

Acting Out Drama School

Education / Film / TV / Theatre / Young People (aged 0 to 25)