Volcano Theatre Company

Deadline: 08 May 2017 at 10:00

We want to work with someone who’s able to bring an independent, objective eye to our work over this final year, who will challenge us and reflect what we’re doing and how we’re doing it back at us.

We are looking for someone with experience of working across sectors and on public-funded partnership projects with large number of diverse stakeholders. Knowledge and experience of existing frameworks for evaluating art, cultural and social projects is essential, in particular in relation to regeneration, health & wellbeing, artistic quality, stakeholder engagement, and partnership working. We are keen to work with someone who appreciates some of the challenges inherent in applying conventional evaluation models to this area of work and the problematic nature of terms such as ‘value’ and ‘impact’.

Key elements of the role include:
- Undertaking a review of project activity and delivery over the last year and where the project’s at now
- Working with the team to support the clarification of the projects aims and objectives for the final year, fitting within the project vision
- Working with the S2S team to refine the evaluation framework and existing in-project evaluation practices, developing a process that inputs findings/feedback into the project while it is live
- Co-ordinating the collection of data and evaluation material from S2S’s constituent projects and reporting to ACW’s programme-level evaluators, Wavehill
- The synthesis, analysis and interpretation of data and evaluation material from S2S’s constituent projects
- Development of a final piece of work that presents a narrative of the project, incorporating both process and outcome evaluation

We are very open-minded about what form the final piece of work takes and imagine working with the Researcher/Evaluator to determine what’s most appropriate. We want the project’s evaluation to be accessible to all and easily disseminated and communicated across stakeholders and audiences.

NB This work will run alongside ACW’s own IPP programme-level evaluation, being undertaken by Wavehill, and research into S2S’s activities by two PhD students associated with the project.

Location: Wales

For further information, please contact (Carrie Rhys-Davies), or call 01792 464790, or visit

The deadline is Monday 08 May 2017 at 10:00.

Volcano Theatre Company

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